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Why bother with a mortgage broker?

When searching on Google for a mortgage advisor or broker (there’s no real difference between the two), some of the most popular questions people search for are:

Is it worth using a mortgage advisor?

What does a mortgage advisor do for you?

Is it worth getting a mortgage broker?

As it’s a question many people have on their minds, we thought we’d try to shed some light.

Buying a property and finding the right mortgage can be a daunting task. It’s a big financial commitment and there are lots of mortgage options available from a variety of lenders. Getting your head around the different mortgage features, and which loans you would qualify for can be confusing and time consuming. Using a mortgage broker means you can avoid having to navigate the mortgage market yourself to find the best deal.

Bournemouth properties as seen from above
Mortgage broker for UK property

Working with Bournemouth Mortgages means you’ll receive mortgage advice from across the whole market. We’re not tied in with any lenders, and it’s our mission to find you the best possible deal for your specific circumstances. We have specialist knowledge of the market so we can advise you on the type of mortgage to apply for, for example if you have a small deposit, are self-employed, have an unsteady employment history or have bad credit. As a registered mortgage broker, we also have access to deals and rates that aren’t available to you as a member of the public.

We start by making sure we understand your needs and financial situation, and gathering the information and documents that lenders require. This means we can do the calculations and evaluate exactly how much you can afford to borrow. Then, we look for the right mortgage with the features that work best for your situation, and we deal with the lenders on your behalf to make sure you qualify for it. We use specialist software that allows us to search the market quickly and thoroughly to look for the right deal for you. All this saves you time, energy, and stress.

Mortgage broker helps client find funding
Mortgage Broker Bournemouth

We talk you through the best options we find and make a recommendation. When you’re happy we complete the paperwork for you, making sure all the details are correct to avoid you experiencing delays or even rejections. But Bournemouth Mortgages doesn’t stop there. We follow your purchase or remortgage all the way to completion, chasing any solicitors, lenders and estate agents involved until the money is in your account and the keys are in your hand.

Key takeaways:

  • Using a mortgage broker can save you time and stress by searching the whole mortgage market for the best deal for your specific circumstances.

  • Our mortgage advice includes finding a loan that qualifies for your scenario, even if you might have difficulty finding a loan yourself.

  • Using Bournemouth Mortgages means you’ll receive a dedicated level of service all the way through to completion.

Get in touch now for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

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