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Your Local Mortgage Broker In Bournemouth
Bournemouth Mortgages are Vouched for

Your local Mortgage Broker in Bournemouth 

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Looking for a mortgage?

You're probably keen to know how much you can borrow, what your repayments will be, and which lenders are likely to accept your specific circumstances. But we know how time consuming finding the right mortgage can be. We're here to make the whole process fast and straightforward...

mortgage broker bournemouth

We find out how much you can borrow

We start by having a no-obligation chat with you to make sure we understand your requirements, and we gather the information lenders need so we can calculate exactly how much you can borrow. 

mortgage broker bournemouth

We find the right mortgage for you and submit your application

Using specialist software, and our access to and knowledge of the market, we search for the mortgage that best fits your circumstances. We guide you through the options and when you're happy, we do the paperwork and submit your application.

mortgage broker bournemouth

We chase lenders, estate agents and solicitors until the money is in your account 

At Bournemouth Mortgages we don't stop there. We know how frustrating hold-ups can be, which is why our dedicated service extends to chasing all parties involved in the mortgage until the money is in your account.

Happy customers become homeowners after receiving their mortgage offer, found by the best mortgage broker in Bournemouth

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What our customers say

Buying a home

First time buyers or moving house

Buying your ideal home can be a stressful time. You shouldn't have to struggle to find the mortgage that's right for you. We make the process easy, giving you precious time and peace of mind back. 

Keys to a house which indicate that Bournemouth Mortgages can find customers the right mortgage even if they've had a mortgage application turned down

Property that earns income

Investing in Buy-to-let or holiday lets

Finding a mortgage that can help you reach your investment goals can be overwhelming. We have specialist knowledge of the market and can find the mortgage that best fits your needs, and then apply on your behalf, making the process quick and easy.

Cardboard houses being placed on growing stacks of money from investing in property with buy-to-let mortgages


Reduce monthly repayments or unlock additional value from your home

When remortgaging, choosing between complex product options can be daunting. You shouldn't have to trawl websites and have lengthy calls with banks. We can advise on the mortgage that best suits your circumstances and submit your application for you, making the process quick and easy. 

A workman jumps in the air with his home improvement plans after remortgaging through his mortgage broker in Bournemouth

Family protection

Financial protection for you and your family

Owning a property is a big commitment and you may want to protect your family financially should your circumstances change. But getting your head around the various options can be overwhelming. We have specialist knowledge of the insurance market and can guide you through the options.  

mortgage broker bournemouth
Bournemouth Mortgages Serves the UK

Bournemouth Mortgages serves the whole of the UK, but we're proud to have local roots and be serving the community as your local mortgage broker in Bournemouth. We're happy to do face to face meetings with local clients as preferred.

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