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Feeling the pinch of past credit? 

A relaxed couple enjoying a coffee after their mortgage application was successful, even though they had a poor credit score

If you're looking for a mortgage, poor credit history can pose a challenge. High street banks can refuse applications due to a low credit score, and this can leave you feeling frustrated.

You needn't spend countless hours looking for lenders that will accept you. Whether you've got missed payments, defaults, CCJ's or have filed for bankruptcy, at Bournemouth Mortgages, we have access to specialist mortgage lenders that can help.

We know how difficult it can be to navigate the mortgage market, especially when your low credit score is holding you back. It is still possible to get a mortgage with a low credit score, with lenders that cater specifically for this. We've helped many customers by first reviewing their credit file to find the lender who will accept their personal circumstances. The feedback we've received is always positive, you can read our 5 star reviews here.

Don't miss out on becoming a homeowner, give us a call today and we'll search for the lender that will accept you, allowing you to make your property dream a reality.

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Low credit score FAQ's

Am I still eligible for a mortgage if I have a low credit score? 


It all depends on the amount of negative information on your file, and how long it's been registered for. More negative information can increase the cost of your monthly payments. Talk to us to find out which lenders may accept your specific circumstances.

If banks refuse me are there alternatives?

Building societies may be more flexible although options are still limited. Talk to us and we'll tell you if any lenders will accept your circumstances.

I have a good reason for my low credit score, will lenders take this into account?

Lenders are more sympathetic to people who've faced illness, divorce, and other difficult life events.

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