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Mortgage broker fees – are they worth it?

Updated: Jan 20

If you feel confident that your financial circumstances and mortgage application are straightforward, and that your lender, estate agent and solicitor will move your application forward quickly and seamlessly, then a fee-free mortgage broker may be the best option for you.

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At Bournemouth Mortgages, our experience is that unfortunately, many customers suffer setbacks due to rushed applications and miscommunications before they come to us. Some customers have had their applications turned down as small details in the application don’t meet the lenders’ criteria. Some customers have had their sale fall through as the solicitors, estate agents and lenders involved miscommunicate with each other or take too long to progress.

We understand that this is incredibly frustrating, which is why we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers to make sure they’re getting the right deal, and that the whole process runs smoothly. The first thing we do is search tirelessly for the right loan for our customers’ personal circumstances, which means we find mortgages for our customers where their previous mortgage broker has failed. Some examples are where customers have recently begun new employment or have bad credit history.

We know that the last thing you need when buying or remortgaging a property is extra stress. That’s why we are available for our customers outside of normal working hours to answer any questions and make sure every detail on their application is correct. After we’ve completed all the paperwork and submitted the application, we even chase the lenders, solicitors and estate agents involved to keep everything on track.

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Your new keys to your home

Bournemouth Mortgages excels at offering friendly, professional, quality service under any circumstances. However, in many cases, charging a fee is what allows the extra time required to offer our level of dedicated service described. We always make sure our fees are competitive. Also, that they’re relative to the complexity of the application, and the time required to submit it and ensure it completes as quickly as possible.

So, is it worth getting a mortgage broker?

Our customers consistently feedback to us that our level of dedication is second to none, and that the service we deliver is worth every penny. Take a look at our reviews below.

Typically, we charge a fee of £495 for a mortgage, however the actual fee will vary depending on your circumstances and will not exceed the lower of £1000 or 3% of the loan.

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